The Empirical Representation of the Embodiment of Intercultural Policy on the Example of a Network of European Cities

  • Alena Kuznetsova Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Khmelnytsky
Keywords: city, culture, intercultural dialogue, cross-cultural practices


The article said that in today's society, where ethnic diversity is not a threat to development, and the benefits, more and more European cities to join the program «Intercultural Cities» program, which has existed since 2008 and currently has 100 cities. The program offers 10 areas of development that helps cities correctly build its policy taking into account the interests of all cultures. These cities use ethnic resources as a springboard for the development, modernization and improvement of urban policy, solutions of ethnic conflicts by peaceful means. Proper use of software systems enable cities to develop properly. These cities do not lose their own identity. They adopt new practices, which are the basis and model for the development of cities around the world. But the main feature is that they solve the ethnic problems for the benefit of the city and benefits for themselves ethnicities. Particular attention is paid to examples of programs ethnic European member cities. This article will examine examples of examples of some of them. Conduct citywide forums, festivals, fairs contribute to the strengthening of inter-ethnic cooperation. These practices have positive results and is a good example of a successful program.


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