Image of Woman in Ukrainian Modern City: Historical Transformation

  • Yana Meleshko Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: body image, social exclusion, discrimination, architectural representation of body


The essay is dedicated to the image of woman at the symbolic space of the modern Ukrainian city. Woman is presented quite controversially within social urban space. Despite of gender equality, which is claimed to be implemented into modern society, woman is still discriminated and alienated from her spiritual essence. Woman is excluded not only from symbolic space, but from process of creation of social space, in term of architecture. This image is viewed as historically determined construct. Thus, transformation of women’s image and her place within symbolic urban space has been viewed in terms of historical context. Basically, the evolution of women is seen as the way from the suppression of women by the institute of religion to her liberation along with secularization of church’s dogmas. Eventually, the woman has evolved to the subject from the object. However, woman is still exposed as the one, alienated from her essence. Thus, above mentioned analysis helps to identify women in modern Ukrainian city and to describe her image.


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